6th Council Meeting on 14 June 2019

The 6th 2018/19 Council Meeting was held on 14 June 2019! We are happy to approve our new councillor Kwong Sham as the second alumni representative of CUHK. We are also excited to announce the next AIESEC Friday will be held 26 July. Mark you calendar and chill with us before see you in the AIESEC Annual Dinner.

The 6th Council meeting was successfully held on 14 Jun 2019. We are very pleased to have our new councillor Kwong Sham as the alumni representative of CUHK.

Kwong has taken many different roles and continued to contribute to AIESEC World after graduation:
⁃ CUHK IM manager (2010-11)
⁃ Cambodia IM manager (2011-12)
⁃ Youth Summit OCP (2012-13)
⁃ AI Ceeder- Y2B rebranding and Global Annual Report (2013-14)
⁃ AI GST- Director for Web and Digital Projects (2014-15)
⁃ Volunteer to build Victor Tsang’s memorial website (2018)
⁃ Freelancer or website/payment developer for NGO (current)

Let’s welcome Kwong to join AAAHK family and bring a whole brunch of experiences and new insights to community. New initiatives are built on strong talents, we are proud that our base is stronger than ever. You are welcome to let us know any initiative that you think great to work with us!

Also the next AIESEC Friday will be held on 26 Jul. We have invited a guest speaker from social enterprise session to conduct a sharing on an innovative product which brings care and convenience to the elderly. Details will be announced soon. Stay tuned with us!

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