AIESEC Care for Tsunami in Japan

We are all deeply saddened by the sudden and tragic affects of the natural catastrophe. Since AIESEC is a global students and alumni network, whichever side is in trouble we should invoke our divine blessings of strength and consolation on grieving friends and families.

Thanks to Benjamin Mapochi for contributing his song and lyrics “Blue Blue Sky” written since 2004 in memory of the tsunami incident in Thailand. This dedicated page is created in order to give our blessings and support to our friends in Japan, wishing they can recover as soon as possible.

Should you have any encouraging words to say, please post your blessings, care and love in the Facebook wall below.

Composer: Benjamin Mapochi
Lyricist: Benjamin Mapochi, Maisie Ho
Singer: Maisie Ho
Arranger: Benjamin Mapochi
Video Producer: Mingles Tsoi

It’s not too high, the blue blue sky.
With love and peace we have inside,
we can fly, we can fly, to the sky!

In a time of sadness, full of despair.
In a world made of fear, hold back your tears!
Whatever battles you have, lay down the swords in your hands.
Look upon, there’ll be rainbow ahead!

In a time of darkness, made of despair,
In a time you wonder how much we care?
Whatever struggles you have,we’ll join ourselves hand in hand.
Make believe, you won’t be alone again!

And if I look through your eyes, then I will see mine.
There are some common things, that we all share in our mind.

Some day we’ll reach out the sky,
and make the sadness into sweet wine.
We are all, we are all beyond the same blue sky!

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