AAAHK AGM 2017 was successfully held on 17 September

The AAAHK AGM 2016-017 was successfully held last Sunday. We reviewed the fruitful activities in session 2016-2017. We passed the surplus financial statement for 2016. We elected the key positions of AAAHK session 2018-2019 unanimously.

More importantly, we took the chance to lay down the framework: “AIESEC solves it” by “Enabling all members” to tackle real and small problems. The way we DO it is first to transparentize “Information” to leverage shared resources among alumni and other like-minded organizations.

Then we DO “Fill the gaps”… of meaningful projects, missing generations in AIESEC value chain and ultimately the peace and fulfillment of humankind’s potential.

Shoot your ideas to us and stay tuned! Thanks for your continuous support towards AAAHK!

After the AGM, we finally could have a happy reunion~

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