Upcoming Events

  • AIESEC Friday
    • It is the time for any AAAHK members, AIESEC alumni, AIESEC members, trainees to gather together regularly on 2nd week of Friday. Guest speakers or some special themes will be designed for the gathering each time. We are pleased to invite all of you to participate into our regular gathering.
  • Official Launch of AAAHK
    • It is an official event to invite all AIESEC alumni, members and trainees to join for the celebration regarding the kick-off of AAAHK on January 2010.
  • E-Newsletter
    • It is informative and funny newsletter to let all AAAHK members/Alumni/AIESEC friends to get updates on ┬žIndustry news from AIESEC alumni / different business sectors
      • AIESEC alumni
      • AAAHK activities and coming events
      • AIESEC HK activities and coming events
  • Annual event
    • Participation of AIESEC Alumni Global Conference in India 2010
    • Annual General Meeting

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