Asia Pacific Congress 1996 in HK

I still recalled my memory when I organized big congress called Asia Pacific Congress in HK during 1996. The congress has delegates of over 24 countries to participate. During the time, we organized lots of big events for the whole conference (e.g. opening dinner and press conference in Sheraton, International Olympic Event in HKUST campus, Public Symposium in HKUST, Cultural night in HKBU AC Hall, etc) which helps me experience lots of big event management.


Besides, it learnt how to manage a big organizing committee from different local committees and international committees as well. I treasured a lot to work with them.

During the conference, we built a lot connections with partners which helps AIESEC HK a lot on AIESEC branding and paved the way to build further cooperation opportunities with AIESEC.

I also got connected with lots of AIESEC friends during the conference. For more than 10 years time of AIESEC, I still got connected with AIESECers around the world due to the participation of the conference. We still talked about the happiness all the time when we met in the conference which is so touching to my life.


I still remembered the event of International Olympics of APC in HKUST 1996. I cannot imagine that AIESEC can organize an international sports event. Also, every AIESECers paid their fullest effort for the games and sports which made me a unforgettable memory in my life. When I went back to HKUST every time, I still recalled my photos of the day. That’s amazing.

AIESEC parties are still one of the important events for a conference. I remembered that there were different kinds of parties during APC in HKUST. I learnt a lot of new dances and cultures from different AIESEC countries. Not matter what background they are from, all of the AIESECers can take the same dance together which is also another magic of AIESEC. I really love to the parties and look forward to join the future parties.



I look forward to seeing any future international conference in HK which is a highly valued experience for any AIESEC people in HK.

Ivan Chiu

AIESEC alumni from HKUST

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