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Membership Application Procedures


  1. Online Registration
  2. Input simple personal information and indicate your preference of membership type (ordinary member / life member) Detailed information input will be requested after successful application of membership
  3. You will receive an email to indicate your membership application and request for payment on the email description
  4. Should you have any inquires, please send email to


  1. All personal information are kept in confidential by AAAHK.
  2. An Alumni Directory will be built in AAAHK web site so that every AAAHK member can have an overview of the profile for all AAA members. Due to the data privacy, each member can choose what information they would like to disclose on the Alumni Directory.

Membership Fee

Membership Type Membership Fee (HKD) Valid Period
Ordinary Member $200 From January 1 to 31 December of each year
Life Member

$1,000 or $500 (for fresh-graduate within 3 years after graduation)


Membership Application

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