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Membership Privileges

In AIESEC, we are a group of people with passionate life visions. By recognize and engage in activities that are aligned with the AIESEC way. We reconnect and contribute to the MC, LCs, the society and alumni itself. As AAAHK is a non-profit organization, our members can enjoy a different privileges:

Online Alumni Directory
Search for old friends, committee members and classmates. Connect with all alumni within your LC and enjoy the good old days. You can also upload your personal profile in our directory for your old buddies to search.

National Networking Event
BY joining our activities, you are able to built up new networks with alumni from different LCs, gathering new experience and information of different industries. Meeting members and guests from every aspect of our society.

News Updates

  1. AIESEC World
    You will be able to keep a close connection by our newsletters. AIESEC news from AI, MC and LCs will be updates actively and let you capture the latest development of AIESEC in your life.
  2. AAAHK
    The latest development and upcoming event will also pro-actively push to your email account.
  3. Partners
    Our members will also receive the updates from our partners with carefully picked internal benefits and meaningful events.
  4. Special Research Report
    Our committees will search for academic and industrial special research report to share among our members’ only area.
  5. Career Job Ads
    In future, members can start to post your job or career ads within our web page. AAAHK can be your very own selection of competent personnel.
  6. Soft Skills Training
    By connections within our association, we will invite experienced trainer to provide different soft skills training to our members who wish to have life-long learning and skill upgrades.

All of our friends are in your hands. Come and reignite your AIESEC Life with me!

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