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1967 Establishment of AIESEC by Professor Hsia of the School of Economics
AIESEC in Hong Kong acquired full member at Istanbul International Congress after 1 year period of probationary membership.
Establishment of 1st Local Committee – AIESEC-LC-HKU starting with Economics Society of the University of Hong Kong
1968 International Traineeship Exchange Program (ITEP) was commenced in 1968
1970 2nd Local Committee was established at the Chinese University of Hong Kong
1974 AIESEC in Hong Kong hosted the first Asian Congress with delegates from Australia, Japan, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, International AIESEC Secretariat, Asian Regional Coordinator and Hong Kong.
1976 The first out-town study tour, headed by Professor Hsia was dispatched from Hong Kong to Japan in August 1976.
1980 AIESEC in Hong Kong hosted the 7th Asian Congress in December with 50 delegates from 10 Asian countries.
Seminar Traineeship Program with the theme of ‘Post-was Economic Development in China’, which comprised a series of seminars as well as a 5-day study tour into Mainland China, won the ‘AIESEC International Best Project Award’.
1981 1st Business Information Day (BID) was commenced which is designed to help university students familiarize with the structure and the operations of diverse business organization as well as the career opportunities offered to graduates.
1983 AIESEC in Hong Kong hosted the 6th Asia-Pacific Leadership Development Seminar (APLDS) in August in the campus of the Chinese University of Hong Kong.
1984 1st National leadership Development Seminar was began in 1984.
1985 1st National Conference was held in October, 1985
1986 3rd Local Committee was established at Hong Kong Baptist College.
1987 10th Asian-Pacific Leadership Development Seminar was held.
1990 International President Meeting’1990 was conducted by AIESEC in Hong Kong
1990 AIESEC was 1st time with representation in AIESEC International – Mr. Daniel Jim joined the AI Team (1991-1992) as the Program Director
4th Local Committee was established at Hong Kong University of Science and Technology.
The project ‘Time for Awakening’, with the theme of environmental projection won the 1992 ‘Asia-Pacific Best Project Award’.
North Asia Motivational Seminar’92 with the theme of ‘Towards regional cooperation and development’ was launched.
1993 Ms Fanny Tan was the Vice President Exchange of AI (1992-1993)
1994 Project RICH with the theme of ‘Development of Education towards the Asia Pacific Era’, won the 1994 ‘AIESEC International Best Publication Award’.
North Asia Leadership Development Seminar’1994 with the theme of ‘Catalyze Cultural Integration’ was also hosted by AIESEC in Hong Kong.
1995 In the beginning of China Youth Development Program, AIESEC in HONG KONG mainly coordinated the activities in Mainland China from Hong Kong. At the same time, we co-operated with the coordinator of AIESEC in the US of the China-Program.
1996 Asia Pacific Congress’1996 with the theme of ‘Approaching the Period of Challenge’ was organized by AIESEC in Hong Kong.
1997 30th Anniversary Dinner of AIESEC in Hong Kong
5th Local Committee was established at Lingnan University
1998 Reengineering the organizational structure of AIESEC HK with more exchange focused
Partnership with PriceWaterhouseCoopers as our Consulting Partner, HelloAsia as our Regional Partner and Cathay Pacific as our Official Carrier
2000 Asia Pacific Leadership Development Seminar 2000 with the theme of “Login to Dynamic Future” was organized by AIESEC in HONG KONG
1st International Member Committee member – Ms. Ann Foo, from Malaysia, was introduced to AIESEC in HONG KONG and served as Director of Program (Outgoing Exchange)
2001 With the partnership of Liu Cheong Hing Bank, AIESEC Visa Card has been launch in 2001.
2005 5th Local Committee was established at Hong Kong Polytechnic University
2006 AIESEC HK won the UBS award of Asia Pacific in 2006.
2007 AIESEC in Hong Kong held a 40th Anniversary Dinner
Mindy Ho from AIESEC HK was 1st Hong Kong member to become AI Global Exchange Partnership Manager from 2007 to 2008
2009 Asia Pacific Exchange and Leadership Development Seminar 2009 with the theme of “Dreaming Today For a Brighter Future” was organized by AIESEC in HONG KONG

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