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Global AIESEC History

1948 Establishment of AIESEC in the world
1949 1st Stockholm Congress, 89 students participated in exchange program
1960 Got 2467 exchanges in the world
1961 1st seminar as part of trainee’ reception experience
1974 1st seminar as part of trainee’ reception experience
Got 4232 exchanges at 1970 in the world
1974 1st International Congress in Bordeaux, France
Important motion “the minimum length of an Exchange traineeship had to be 6 weeks” was established
1976 – 1996 1st Global Theme Programme focused all international, regional, and local seminars on specific topics
Both International Traineeship Exchange Program & Global Theme Program were implemented in AIESEC world. Themes like International Trade, Management Education, Sustainable development, Entrepreneurship and Corporate Responsibility were discussed at local, national and global seminars.
1996 Global Theme was developed “Interdependence – Learning and Acting for a shared future” was established as a core theme supplemented with different other themes for any programs
Late 90’s Focus on Exchange again
1997 Information system : Insight I was launched in 1997
2001 Insight II was launched in 2001.
Nowadays AIESEC is the international platform for young people to discover and develop their potential via an international platform of opportunities that provides over 5,000 leadership opportunities, 3,500 work abroad opportunities, 350 conferences, and virtual tools to build networks

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