2nd A-group meeting with all core Harbour A-Group members

[How much do you know A-Group?]

We are very glad that the 2nd A-group meeting was just organised this year with all core Harbour A-Group members attending.

Being one of AAAHK’s important activities developed for few years, A-Group’s objective is to include AIESECers with diversified background and professionals with everyone served as a guiding person to provide sincere advice and comments for their group members.

Agroup members are committed to meet in regular meetings to share personal feeling, comment from professional experience and establish trustworthy relationship. Throughout these give and take processes, members will achieve personal growth in their lives in whatever aspects they wish to develop. To learn respectfully, that is AIESEC value!

Thank you Cherry to organise this meeting in a relaxing and comfortable setting and Craig as the moderator in the group!

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