Aug 22

The third A-Group in Hong Kong was established!

The third A-Group in Hong Kong was established!

A-Groups are AIESEC Alumni groups of 8 to 14 members who commit to meet 6-8 times a year in confidential discussions in support of each other, like a personal life-coach group or a personal Board of Directors for each member. Committed to continuing the AIESEC legacy of dynamic responsible leadership through empowering networks. A-Groups are independent groups endorsed by AIESEC Alumni International (AAI) but AAI is not responsible for any of their activities.

We now have three A-Groups in Hong Kong, Harbour A-Group, Hong Kong Dragon A-Group and this new one is Happy A-Group. Members of Happy A-Group included:
Alan Li (CUHK)
Amy Ngan (HKUST)
Antony Cheng (HKU)
Belinda Lee (LU)
Dahlia Tam (HKBU)
George Ng (HKU)
Kwong Sham (CUHK)
Mandy Cheung (HKBU)

We are planning to organize more A-Groups in Hong Kong. If you like to know more about it, please contact Dahlia Tam at or 63396262.

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